Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Long Flight Home

Saturday June 1, 1991

Up at 6 a.m., breakfast and pack to leave.

After check-in at airport we drive to Iao Needle and stop for lunch.

Returning to the airport we find Chris and Justin. Justin carries my luggage the last of the long walk to Gate 1. I give him the book I bought him. Pappa Frank had bought him a Maui cap earlier.

We all agree we've had a great week in Maui in our separate ways. After they all leave at 1:30 we read until our 3:00 flight.

On the plane, our stewardess gives us free headphones to watch Green Card. Later she shares that she is a recovering alcoholic and thought we might be because we seemed so relaxed and at peace. I shared my cancer with her and she wanted to hug me and said she would pray for me and she knew I would recover.

On the bus to Van Nuys I met an interesting man returning from 2 months in Puerto Rico. We finally get to bed at 1:30 a.m.

Leave it to mom to make friends with not only the stewardess but the man on the bus from the airport. She was such a people person, always interested in the conversation at the next table in the restaurant, or in making a connection with someone new. I am amazed that the stewardess sensed that she was relaxed. I imagine most people are pretty relaxed after spending a week in Hawaii, but she sensed something special about mom. I have talked to other people who are battling a life-threatening disease and have been told that their battle gives that an acute appreciation for every relationship and every experience they have, knowing that it might be their last.

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