Friday, December 25, 2009

No More Hot Fudge

Wednesday May 22, 1991

OK, no more hot fudge! I've gained 5 pounds back. Must lose it quick! Eating desserts everyday must stop, plus some chips and greasy foods. Can't believe I've slipped so far from our healthy eating habits. I still eat instant oatmeal for breakfast plus juice. Still eat a banana a day and lots of veggies.

Got my nails done and went to May Co. Tried McLean burger. Quite good. Mrs. Paul's cinnamon roll was not so good on my diet. Dinner was mostly vegetables and small piece of steak leftover. But then we finished off the strawberries.

Feeling fine and sassy.

Ha! I wrote that last post before I knew Mom was about to gain 5 pounds. I have the same problem with starting out my day on the right track, but by the time the evening comes my resolve wears thin and I start to eat desserts while watching TV in the evening.

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