Sunday, December 27, 2009

Maui Schooner

Saturday May 25, 1991

Have now gained 6 pounds. No good! Hawaii will not be a good place to diet, but may get much needed exercise to compensate. Slept well last night with help of Unisom finally. Up at 6 a.m., off at 8 a.m. to Van Nuys, bussed to L.A.X. Had a long 5-1/2 hour flight with a nice chicken lunch. Donna and Bob are waiting for us when we arrive. They have our car ready. Chris and Ric, Justin, and Ric's mom Carmen have left already for their condo in Kapalua.

Afterwards we are settled in our condo in Kihei, the Maui Schooner. It is really nice and new with 2 bedrooms and baths and all the amenities--washer, dryer, microwave, etc. We buy a few groceries and head for dinner at Carlos and Rick's. Huge dinner! Beautiful sunset. Feeling fat today, but feeling good. No aches or pains at all.

Hit the sack early 9:30 Hawaii time but 12:30 L.A. time.

Mom's best friend Donna and her husband Bob often travelled together with mom and Frank on vacations. They each owned a timeshare. Donna and Bob traded their timeshare in Sparks, NV for the condo in Kihei, the Maui Schooner pictured above. For friends whose vacations of past years mostly consisted of camping in a tent, this was a luxurious vacation and they were going to live it up.

Ric and I found a nice 1-bedroom condo to rent in Kapalua, which was 30 miles north of Kihei, about a one-hour drive. This was a big trip for Ric as it was one of the few times in his life that he has ever flown on an airplane, as he suffers from a severe fear of flying. 19 years later he has still not flown on an airplane since that trip in 1991.

Flying is generally considered to be one of the safest forms of public transportation currently available in the United States. Statistics compiled by the Department of Transportation have led to the conclusion that airline travel is 29 times safer than driving an automobile. For Ric the statistics are not important; what is important is not being in control.

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