Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grandma Alda Lucky

Thursday May 16, 1991

What a beautiful day! I feed the birds. I feel terrific and have my usual small bowl of oatmeal and glass of OJ. I don't fool around too much. Must get ready to leave at 11 a.m.

Mother and I leave for Granada Hills. I'm to see the nurse practitioner about my blurred vision problem. There was a circle of lights around the blurred vision, I remember. The nurse examines me and she speaks to the doctor. She finds nothing but will refer me to opthamology. She is a large unfriendly woman. I don't like her.

After lunch (we share a salad) we visit with Mom Lucky. She is so happy to have visitors. She says she gets very lonely. She is very upset when I tell her about my cancer but I reassure her and she calms down. We talk about all her family. She likes that.

After dinner Frank and I attend a dance class meeting planning our graduation. Frank has brought me a card signed by all he works with and a book "Love, Medicine & Miracles" from a lady at work.

Mom is so generous with her time. Even though she has been divorced from my dad for almost 20 years in 1991, she still makes a point of going to see Grandma Alda, my dad's mother, pictured above with her 3 sons at her 75th birthday party in 1985 (from the left are my uncle George born in 1934, my Dad Robert born in 1932 and my uncle Clyde born in 1930). Grandma Alda never did drive (in her generation that was quite common) so my mom made a point of inviting her to the drive-in movies every time we went, or taking her shopping, and of taking us to visit her whenever we came down to visit from Santa Rosa. Grandma Alda lived well into her 90s, outliving her husband Lloyd by 25 years, but she suffered from dementia for the last 10 years or so and had to live in an assisted-living facility. She recognized no one from her family.

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