Tuesday, April 17, 2012

60 Year Old Gypsy

Tuesday June 9, 1992

Frank is off to Newbury Park to meet the plumber. Frances, Frank's cousin, calls finally. she tells me all about her breast cancer and treatment. We have a good talk. She is like a gypsy. She really has no home. She is 60. She's staying with her sister and family in Reseda. She has no money or insurance. What will she do? Her ex, Stan, has offered her a home and care but she doesn't want to feel obligated. Her mom Aunt Felice (85) wants her to stay at her house but they don't get along.

We go out to dinner and over to Gary's to see his new furniture. We discuss several of his small house problems and Frank has all the answers for quick cheap repair.

I feel good except pains in lower abdomen in evening, but no side effects from new medicine.

Wow! I just cannot imagine a woman who is 60 years old and has absolutely nothing to provide for her security: no home, no money, no insurance. I have spent the past 40 years making sure I have these things for myself and my family. Frank's cousin seems to be not only lazy but too proud for her own good. Her ex-husband is so kind and generous to offer a home and to take care of her, but she is too proud to accept his offer. Even her mother is willing to put aside their differences and care for her daughter. Do we the taxpayers bear the burden of cancer treatments for a person like this? I can't help wondering what Mom's reaction was. She was always the first to offer advice.

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