Thursday, April 26, 2012

Square Dance Party

Thursday June 18, 1992

Still tired and slightly nauseated in the morning. Pull myself together and go to the bank and market.

Baked an angel food cake and make jello, strawberry and whipped cream for topping.

At 7 p.m. we go to the Turners for a potluck and square dancing on their patio. There are six couples there plus Shirley's brother and wife. I think I'm too tired to dance but find I'm as energetic as anyone else there. We have a good time and are home about 10:45. I'm so tired I yawn all the way home. I'm in bed and asleep as soon as we get home.

I think it is wonderful that Mom and Frank not only share a passion for square dancing, but have found an entire circle of friends that share their passion and have social get-togethers that involve dancing as well as other activities they enjoy. For more than 3 years I have attended a water aerobics class at my gym 4 times per week, and I guess you could call it my passion since it is one of the few exercises that I really enjoy. For the past year Ric has joined me in the class. But the members of our class don't socialize outside of class, with the exception of the short time dressing in the locker room. There was one potluck several years ago, and that was a great way to get to know some of the people in the class better. Maybe we will plan another potluck at our house this summer.

My other passion is my faith in Jesus Christ and I have many friends from my church that I have made over the past 9 years who share my passion. Unfortunately, my husband does not share my faith and is not at all interested in getting to know my friends or their husbands, even though there are many social opportunities to do so. Ric is what one of my friends calls a CEO: Christmas and Easter only. He generally doesn't sit with me even those two times per year, preferring to arrive late, sit in the back, and leave early before anyone has a chance to greet him.

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