Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Good Mother-Daughter Time

Tuesday June 16, 1992

Up and have waffles ready for everyone. Feeling good still. A bit tired today as the dogs barked alot last night. Chris says she was depressed last night about the wedding. Ric reminds her the important part was that her family was there to witness her wedding. Good Ric!

Smokey begs for Ric's dogs to come in to play. We let them in and Smokey chases the pup around. Chris and I have a good talk time on my bed for an hour. We are close. We really love each other. We are concerned for each other's health. She's so large with child and overweight. Her breasts are tremendous. She's so uncomfortable. She's gained 35 pounds.

By 12:00 they're on their way home. I hope she makes it before going into labor. She's due July 13.

Oh how I miss those long talks with Mom. Usually I sat on the edge of their huge master tub while she fixed her hair and applied her makeup. This day, we sat on her bed and talked. I'm so glad we had that time together. Yes, I was huge and uncomfortable. To try to control the continuous nausea I snacked on box after box of saltine crackers and lots of 7-Up. My cup size, which was already a D, was a G after I gave birth and my milk came in. I never knew bras came that large. I had to go to a specialty store.

That was very nice of Ric to point out the importance of our family being there to witness our wedding. He is almost never romantic and rarely sentimental, but that was a sensitive thing to say.

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