Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Honeymoon

Wednesday June 17, 1992

I finally reached Chris tonight about 10 p.m. They had a nice trip home, staying last night near Monterey. Today they went through the Monterey Aquarium. Justin pushed Chris in a wheelchair.

I'm still exhausted and slightly nauseous in the morning. Frank is still working on the Simi rental even though we rented it last night to a couple in their 40s plus a 17-year-old daughter and mom 77 years old. I really like them. I hope they stay a long time.

At 3:30 I see Dr. Swartz my oncologist. We have a real good talk. I really like him alot. He understands and respects me. He called the doctor at Kaiser Hollywood to talk about the pump. Dr. Swartz was impressed.

I am so tired, I can hardly stay awake driving.

If sleeping in my mother's house on my wedding night while my husband watched TV downstairs was depressing, the next night was even worse. We drove up Highway 101 and stayed the night in Motel 6 in Kings City, a highway stop in the central valley of California. Motel 6 is just about the cheapest motel you can find, usually $29-$69/night. The room is tiny with 2 double beds pressed against opposite walls with just enough room between the beds to walk to the tiny bathroom. Carmen, my mother-in-law slept in one double bed, Ric and I in the other, and poor Justin slept on the floor in the tiny closet area outside the bathroom. As usual, Ric insisted on having the TV on all night. The next morning we drove across the coastal mountains to Monterey and visited the famous Monterey Aquarium.

So glad that Mom and Frank found a new tenant they like. Ric and I just rented the house we bought in May 1992, the one Mom and Frank visited us on May 20, 1992, just days after our move. I was 7 months pregnant when we moved in and Derek was born July 14. The couple we rented the house to last Saturday is the same age Ric and I were in 1992, the wife is 7 months pregnant with their first child, and the baby boy is due on July 14! It sounds to me like God brought them right to our doorstep. It's such a great feeling to rent to a tenant who really loves and appreciates the house, especially when it is one we have lived in and made it our home. In this case, we lived in the house on Wellington Circle for 9 years. Hopefully, our new tenants will stay just as long. We can only hope!

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