Tuesday, April 24, 2012

BBQ at Gary's

Sunday June 14, 1992

Up at 7:30 making bacon and eggs and bagels. By noon we heave lunch and head for Gary and Maria's where we spend the day in and around the pool and have a BBQ. The dinner is great! I took beans and broccolli and rolls. Gary BBQd pork ribs. We had a great time! Some got too much sun. I was careful--not too much sun for me.

I have an incident of stabbing pain in my lower abdomen. It lasts about 10 minutes. I'm not sure what is causing my stomach pains. Is it what I'm eating? or scar tissue or the tumors restricting my bowels? I've had alot of pains lately. I'm doing fine on the new chemo drugs. No nausea, no hair loss yet. We are home from Gary's about 8:30.

Gary and Maria have such a great backyard for entertaining their multitude of friends and family. Half of the backyard is a large grass area for the kids to play games and the other half is a nice in-ground pool, pictured above, with an attached jacuzzi. Gary and I did not have a pool in our backyard growing up, but our next door neighbors did, and we spent long lazy summer days swimming and hanging around their pool. It was one of Gary's requirements when looking for a house to buy.

Mom had to careful not to get too much sun while taking chemotherapy drugs. The stabbing pains in her abdomen were almost certainly caused by the tumors impinging on her bowels. I saw an episode of the Dr. Oz show just a few days ago tha talked about early signs of ovarian cancer. The first sign he discussed with bloating that lasted more than 2 weeks, and the second was a change in bowel and bladder habits. Once the tumors spread outside the ovaries, they attach to the intestines and/or bladder and they begin to malfunction. I always thought that the fact that Mom was not losing any of her hair was a sign that the chemo drugs were not working.

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