Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Science of Mind Church

Sunday June 7, 1992

Up at 7:15 to get ready to go to church with Cathy Thomas. She wants to take me to the Simi Valley Science of Mind Church. I've always been curious about that church. What do they believe?

First I fix a french toast breakfast for Frank, Jr. and I. Frank makes breakfast for Joseph when he finally gets up.

Cathy and I head for church and Frank takes the boys with him to Newbury Park. They'll have lunch out.

This church is very warm and friendly. Rich and Sandy Shelling are there (square dancers). They believe the power is within us but do refer to God as the higher power. The singing is great! Food for thought.

Cathy and I go to Marie Callendar's for lunch. Good time together--alone. Later Gary and Maria come for dinner.

From Wikipedia: "Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind, was established in 1927 by Ernest Holmes (1887–1960) and is a spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical religious movement within the New Thought movement. In general, the term "Science of Mind" applies to the teachings, while the term "Religious Science" applies to the organizations. However, adherents often use the terms interchangeably. RS/SOM teaches that all beings are expressions of and part of Infinite Intelligence, also known as Spirit, Christ Consciousness, or God."

The beliefs of Religious Science are fundamentally different from the traditional Christian church where Mom was raised and continued to believe. Christianity teaches that man is separated from God because of sin, and that the only way to have a relationship with Him is through faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior, who washes our sins away.

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