Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our 10 Year Anniversary

Friday June 12, 1992 Our 10-Year Anniversary

I'm up feeling fine with my chemo drugs. Once cleaned up I head out for shopping for groceries and an anniversary card for Frank. He brings me flowers from the florist and a lovely card.

We go out to dinner at Ruben's Steak House and have prime rib and shrimp. It's great. They bring us a cheesecake and helium balloons and sing "Happy Anniversary". Great fun! I even manage a glass of wine before dinner.

At home there are last minute things to do to get ready for the shower tomorrow. We are in bed for love at 10:30. At 11:30 Chris and gang arrive. The dogs spend the night in the shed and side yard. It's good to see them and especially Chris safe and sound. She's 4 weeks from baby due date.

Oops, after a long drive from Windsor, over 400 miles, and with my belly out to the dashboard, I'm quite sure I was relieved to finally arrive at Mom and Frank's house with Justin and my mother-in-law Carmen with us. But it sounds like we interrupted their anniversary "celebration". And I wonder what Mom means about the dogs spending the night in the shed and side yard. I thought the dogs always stayed there. Maybe they normally slept inside the house, and were only kept outside when company was at the house.

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