Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Gary & Maria's Wedding Day

Friday June 5, 1992 Gary & Maria's Wedding Day

We follow Gary & Maria and the boys to the County Courthouse in downtown L.A. and arrive at 12:30 p.m. They request to be married at 2:00. we have a bite to eat.

At 2:00 we go into the small room where the Marriage Commissioner, who looks 20 years old performs the ceremony. It's very sweet. Ralph and Rita (Maria's brother and his wife) are there also.

We gather in the foyer and DWP fellow workers begin to arrive, friends of Gary's from work. They are all congratulating them--about 20 guys. The DWP big yellow trucks are all parked on the street. After I take a group picture, Gary and Maria drive off with all the trucks following, honking horns and flashing lights. What a kick!

We all go to Maria's folks house where there is food and drink waiting. At 5 p.m. we take Joe and Jr. home with us for 2 nights. I feel wonderful, even in heels.

Thanks Gary for sending me your wedding photos. The Marriage Commissioner really does look 20 years old! The second photo I assume to be the group photo Mom took on the courthouse steps with Maria shielding her face from all the rice being thrown at them. That's pretty awesome that the Department of Water and Power where Gary works let all those guys off their jobs to be at the courthouse, and then that they all came. When I retired from Pacific Gas & Electric, my retirement luncheon was planned at the end of a safety meeting so that no one would have to leave a job in progress to attend the lunch.

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