Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chris & Ric's Wedding Day

Monday June 15, 1992

Up at 7:30 feeling good, making french toast for breakfast. We get cleaned up and go to see Frank at Marvel house, then return a diaper bag at Broadway. We stop on the way home to pick up a wedding cake, a torte, that Carmen wants to buy. We, Chris & I, are nervous. It's late and we have to get home, get ready and leave at 3:30. We rush and are ready to leave at 3:55.

Frank must drive really fast to get us to L.A. by 5 p.m. We think you must arrive before 5 for a license to marry. Maria and Gary arrive. We wait until 6:30 for the very brief ceremony. The black woman sounds like a recording. So IMPERSONAL. They are married. We go to Maria's folks to pick up Jr. and Joe and all eat at Black Angus. We pay $115.00 for all. It's fun.

At home Ric wants to stay up for TV when Chris goes to bed. We convince him he should go to bed with his wife on his wedding night. Chris is hurt. Not a great wedding.

"Not a great wedding." Now that is an understatement. I had put off the wedding for many months hoping that my pregnancy nausea would get better. At 8 months pregnant, I felt and looked like a house and I was still nauseous 24 hours per day. There was only one outfit I could still fit into. The dress I had bought for my wedding day was way too small to fit over my belly. As Frank rushed to get us to the courthouse in time to get our license, I focused on the horizon trying hard not to throw up. When we arrived at the courthouse, Frank dropped us off and we rushed in to purchase our license for $50 while Frank parked. It was a 90-minute wait in a hot, stuffy dingy room with a dozen other couples. Finally, our name was called. Mom and Frank, Ric's mother Carmen, Gary and Maria, and my son Justin were with us as we were ushered into another dingy room with a matronly black woman behind the podium officiated. She could not have acted more bored. I don't think she looked at us one single time, but simple read off a sheet of paper in a monotone voice. The "ceremony", if you could call it that, lasted all of 5 minutes. It was so depressing.

Thankfully, Mom and Frank saved the day by taking all of us, including Maria's two boys, out to a steakhouse in Glendale for dinner. That part was fun. However, once back at Mom and Frank's house, my husband the TV addict wanted to stay up late watching TV while I was alone in the guest bed, mostly crying about what a miserable wedding day it had been.

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