Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Smokey the Cat

Thursday June 11, 1992

A regular day, feeling fine. I go marketing, banking, etc.

In the evening I try to wrap Chris' high chair gift but I don't have enough paper to finish.

Tomorrow Smokey will get a hormone shot to keep him from peeing on the furniture. Sure hope it works.

In the evening, we take some drapes over to Gary's. They can use them on their dining room slider.

Mom & Frank's cat Smokey looked alot like the one in the photo above. They had a horrible problem with Smokey marking his territory by spraying urine all over their furniture. They kept a piece of plywood with small nails sticking up in his "favorite" chair so you had to be careful when picking a seat at their house. They tried everything, but Smokey would spray whenever they left him alone in the house. I'm glad I have dogs!

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