Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Clothes Shopping

Wednesday June 10, 1992

Slow getting started this morning. Kathy Murphy calls and we talk for an hour. Then I clean the bath and bedroom thoroughly. I'm exhausted when I finally come down at 1 p.m. dressed and ready for the day.

I go shopping and buy some clothes for me at Mervyn's in the regular size department. I wear a large. that feels much better than shopping in the big lady stores. I'm exhausted 2 hours later.

I go by the Marvel house to see how Frank is doing. He has the house looking so lovely. Many phone calls each day to rent it but nothing serious.

We have dinner and head for the movies, but our passes are expired so we go shopping at Target and buy a high chair for Chris' baby.

The pains in my lower abdomen are so bad I have to hurry to the car to lay down. They are worse than yesterday.

So Mom is out shopping for clothes again while Frank is slaving away on HER rental house, one that will go to her children when she dies. That doesn't seem fair at all. First of all, Mom already has so many clothes they fill 3 closets, and her square dancing outfits have an extra rack of their own. My husband Ric has been working on one of our rental houses for the past 6 weeks, and I make sure I am there by his side doing whatever I can to help. When I was working at PG&E, of course, I could not do this, but now that I am retired I try to support him by doing little things while he does the heavy lifting, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical work.

That must be very concerning to have her abdominal pain get so much worse in just one day, especially since she is taking medication that is supposed to be shrinking the tumors. I hope she contacts her doctor, and soon!

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