Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aching All Over

Tuesday May 12, 1992

Up at 7:30, aching all over. Hurry to the Tylenol which helps some. My neck still hurts, my right wrist is still in terrible pain when I bend it. My back and hips ache and my thumbs are terrible. And there's always my aching knees.

Mother is down at 9:30. I leave her to go up and get ready after I make her some toast and O.J. Frank comes home at noon and we go out for Chinese food. It makes me feel sick.

We spend the afternoon watching TV, grocery shopping, reading the Sunday papers and preparing a delicious pork roast dinner.

Many scientific studies have shown that cancer is an inflammatory disease, much like heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. It makes sense that the chronic inflammation is affecting her joints and making her ache all over.

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