Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Could Stay In Bed All Day

Wednesday May 6, 1992

I'm tired again this morning. Have breakfast and crawl back into bed for 45 minutes. I could stay in bed all day but force myself up and into the shower at 10 a.m. My bowels are still acting up with lots of gas and pain.

Frank comes home from the rental house and we go out to lunch at The Schooner. We had won free lunch tickets. It's really a beer joint with sandwiches. I'm not comfortable there. It has no class at all: sawdust floor, pool tables and dart boards.

I do some shopping, meet with the lady making new drapes for our rental, get my nails done and go check out Frank at the rental. Got new acoustic ceilings today.

Philip calls tonight and he and Frank talk quite awhile.

Mom was demanding of those around her and she was especially demanding of herself, never allowing herself to rest or relax. I remember when she came to visit me a few days after I had given birth by C-section to my son Justin in 1981. I was in bed in my nightgown and she insisted that I get up and dressed. In her mind there seemed to be no allowances for recovery from surgery, no time to be sick, or to even just allow herself a lazy day. She always had to appear put together, hair coiffed, make-up on, no matter what. Even the night she died, she would not allow us to visit until she had her make-up on and her hair done.

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