Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spring Cleaning

Saturday April 25, 1992

Up and at em! Last full day to get the house and yard clean for spring and company tomorrow. Frank works at the rental house. I still have a fair amount of energy but my back is really hurting. I try to ignore it and keep on working but finally I'm forced to lie down for 2-3 minutes. that helps alot.

I made cupcakes to take square dancing tonight. I'm not sure I have any energy left but we go anyway in our new blue outfits we bought in Bakersfield. I do fine, dance every dance. We handle the drawing for 50-50 dollars. I'm really tired when 11 p.m. comes along.

Wow, is that what she calls a rest? 2-3 minutes? Mom always kept the house immaculate and fortunately Frank supported her in that. I can just imagine her running around making sure everything is in it's place before company arrives. I would love to keep an immaculate house, but the other 3 members of my family love CLUTTER, so I can choose to live with it or choose to be stressed out about it. I vacillate between the two, depending on whether company is coming.

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