Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Justin's Birthday!

Sunday May 17, 1992 Justin's Birthday!

I had a rough night, awake alot and taking Tylenol to try to ease the pains in my body, so I had a rough morning also. Pains in my stomach after breakfast which happens only once in awhile. Then after my shower, I had more sweating than usual. Some days the sweats are horrible and last for an hour or so while other days the sweating subsides in about 10-15 minutes. We visit til 11:30 and then pull out and head home. It's a good drive but I can't stay awake. I sleep most of the way. Once home I gather enough steam to unpack the trailer.

After a rest we go out to dinner and over to see Gary. They had company all weekend and enjoyed it.

We called Justin at 3 p.m. to wish him Happy Birthday.

I'm glad Mom was able to nap on the drive home and that Frank was rested enough to drive the whole way.

Mom always made a big deal out of birthdays and holidays. It was one of her ways of showing love.

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