Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Too Fat To Let Anyone See Me in a Bathing Suit

Saturday May 9, 1992

Now it's Frank's turn to have a bad tummy. He ate too much or a bad combo last night and he feels terrible. I feel much better today. We sleep in til 8:30, have breakfast and Frank is off to Marvel house to work. I piddle around the house. At 2:30 we leave for Larry and Bernice' house for swim and dinner with a few of our square dance friends. It's quite cool today so we wear pants and decide not to take our bathing suits. I'm too fat to let everyone see me in a bathing suit.

Larry and Bernice have a lovely home. the men sit in the hot tub. Later we eat pizza and salad, then put on our square dance clothes and go to a dance in North Hollywood where we have a grand time. I feel real good!

I can so relate to the bathing suit dilemna! Lucky she had an excuse with the cool weather.

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