Thursday, February 16, 2012

Philip iIs Still National Guarding Los Angeles

Tuesday May 5, 1992

I'm tired and dragging around all day. We had homemade greasy tacos last night and I am full of gas and pain all day. My bowels are overactive. I don't feel like it but go anyway to our club board meeting at Joan and Harold's. I'm glad I did. I enjoyed seeing their house, etc.

I bought a card for Frank's cousin Frances. I wrote a note reminding her to be optimistic about her cancer. It will be hard as that family tends to be pessimistic about everything.

Philip called from the Coliseum in Los Angeles and left a message. He's still National Guarding Los Angeles. Frank was so disappointed he missed his call.

7 days after the Rodney King riots began, the National Guard is still patrolling South Central Los Angeles. Phili's unit is stationed at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

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