Friday, February 3, 2012

Chris Is Still Too Sick To Go Back To Work

Friday April 24, 1992

Awake at 7:30 feeling good! Frank works in the yard some before going to Marvel house to work. I go get him at noon and we go to lunch at Carls Jr. That was nice. He goes back to work. I go shopping. At home later I continue to polish the house for company Sunday. In the morning I moved some more plants and things on the patio. The place is shaping up, spring cleaning and spring yard work.

Chris calls. She's not going back to work after all. She still has morning sickness. I'm exhausted by dinnertime, but after dinner I feel well enough to go out looking at tub enclosures for Marvel house.

We watch a touching interview program with Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton, and other country singers (women) we like. I make cupcakes for the dance tomorrow night.

Well, it wasn't exactly morning sickness, although it was worse in the morning. It was more like round-the-clock severe nausea. I would not return to work after my appendectomy but would be on disability until after the baby was born.

Poor Frank. He's either working at his own house, or working on the rental houses. Sounds like my retirement years. Ric is always working on some kind of repair at one of our 9 rental houses or the 6 we manage for his mother, or we are dealing with an eviction or trying to rent a house. As I write this Ric is working on a duplex in Sacramento that was left filthy by our tenant after he was evicted. It looks like he never once cleaned in the 8 years he lived there. Ric could not bear to sleep there it stunk so bad. Next week we go to court on an eviction proceeding in our town of Windsor, and for the past month I have been trying to rent out one of our houses. I have taken 25 or more calls and shown it 20 times, but it still sits vacant. With most or all of our equity lost in the real estate crash, we are unable to sell any of our properties, so we are stuck being landlords for several more years. Not the leisurely retirement most of us envision!

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