Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mother's Day

Sunday May 10, 1992 Mothers Day

We're up, feeling good and ready at 9:45 when Gary and Maria and the boys arrive to take us to brunch at Marie Callendar. Maria gives me a pretty bell from Avon. Gary gives me a blown-glass hummingbird. They all give me nice cards. Very nice. We have a great brunch with lots of good food. Later we go looking at furniture for Gary and Maria's new home. Then we go by their house for a bit.

When we get home at 1:30 we relax and take a short nap. At 2:30 we leave for Frank's folks house in West Los Angeles. We take them to the Olive Garden for dinner. My dinner is superb! I really enjoy it. We stay to visit til 9 p.m. We're really tired. I sleep on the way home.

Chris and Justin call. They went to Reno and Tahoe for the weekend and had a real good time. We have a good long visit.

When Mom passed away she left two collections, one of bells and one of hummingbirds. Maria got the bells, and I got the hummingbirds. The blown-glass hummingbird that Gary gave Mom is pictured above. It sounds like a perfect Mother's Day. She got a call from her daughter and lunch with her son, then dinner with Frank's parents. Marie Callendars and Olive Garden are two of my favorite restaurants.

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