Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Derek Martin Roncancio is Born

Tuesday July 14, 1992

It's a beautiful morning but the day develops into a warm cloudy day while we're at the marina calling Chris. No answer at Chris' house. I called Santa Rosa hospital. She's not there. Maybe they're between or out to shop, who knows! But I have a strong feeling she's going to have the baby today. I can't wait to call her tomorrow. Justin has not been interested in calling Chris each day. Interesting. Will he be more interested when the baby comes?

It begins to rain on the way back to camp from the marina. I'm driving. It pelts my face and chest as I hurry back.

Gary and Maria fix ribs for dinner. The rain stops, the wind blows so hard it rips our tent. We spend the next couple of hours repairing it.

Again, I am thankful for cellphones today! That must have been so frustrating for Mom not to be able to get hold of us, and having to drive 1/2 hour in the boat just to get to a pay phone, only to get a ringing phone. I'll bet there is cellphone coverage today at Lake Don Pedro even away from the marina.

Mom's intuition was right. I was having a baby that day. I went into labor with both Justin and Derek right on my due date, although it was the next day by the time they both arrived. Ryan's birth was a scheduled Caesarean section 5 days before his due date.

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