Monday, June 18, 2012

Library Books

Wednesday July 22, 1992

A fairly uneventful day, I'm still feeling quite good except for my backache. I'm still doing things to get ready to leave again. Frank helps give me a perm and I give him one. At 2:30 I go pick up Joe and Junior and take them with me to get the car washed and then we go to the library. The boys pick out books and check them out on my card.

Joseph reads aloud to me. He is a slow reader who does not comprehend what he reads, he says. He needs alot of help to bring him up to speed with his reading ability. It's real important especially as he is beginning Junior High this year. I want to help and have spoken to Gary and Maria and they understand how important it is also and will be working with Joe also.

I just read an article in yesterday's Sunday paper about the importance of having good reading ability by third grade. It said that up until third grade, students are learning to read, and after third grade, they are reading to learn. My son Derek struggled with reading comprehension so we enrolled him Sylvan Learning Center for about a year or so and that really helped bring him up to his grade level, which at the time was 5th grade. He still doesn't like to read, but is carrying a B average after 2 years of college.

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