Monday, June 18, 2012

We Leave For Colorado Tomorrow

Thursday July 23, 1992

Awake at 7:45. Up and at 'em! Feeling good except alot of pain from arthritis in my wrist, right shoulder and right hip and back.

After breakfast I get cleaned up and pack my clothes to take to Colorado tomorrow. Frank brings me a Cupid's hot dog for lunch.

I call Chris. She is feeling much better from her C-section. Derek is nursing much better now. His diaper rash has cleared up.

I called Joan. She has good news: her tumor is shrinking. Thank you Lord!

Mom and Frank have only been home for two days and are already leaving on another trip. What happened to "Home At Last?" It seems like she is trying to cram a lifetime of adventures into a few years. My Aunt Cathy told me one time that Mom's side of the family has the wanderlust gene, having Scandinavian blood. She and her brother my Uncle Gene both love to travel, experience adventures, and live life with gusto. I just came across this photo of them together toay. It was taken in October 1990.

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