Friday, June 15, 2012

A Visit With Baby Derek & Chris

Sunday July 19, 1992

The baby cried alot last night. His diaper rash is bad. He's still having trouble getting ahold of her nipple because her breasts are so large.

Frank goes out in the morning to find a coffee shop for some coffee. Ric is up but no coffee is offered. Justin takes some cereal up to his mom. We have a bowl of cereal. Later I make myself a fried egg sandwich. About noon I make lunch for Chris and Frank. Justin and I are not hungry. Ric wants to make burritos from the freezer for himself.

I visit upstairs with Chris during nursing time. I give Derek a bath.

Frank and Ric fix a trout and fresh corn dinner. It's good. Chris comes down for dinner.

Oh my! How I do remember those first few weeks trying to nurse Baby Derek. My normal bra size of 40D swelled not to an E cup, not even an F cup, but a G cup. I didn't know they made bras that size! It was easier just not to wear one at all. Poor baby, having something like a soccer ball shoved into his face. How was he supposed to get ahold of something larger than his head? After a few weeks, my breasts went down a bit and I was able to successfully nurse Derek for 12 months.

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