Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sabre Saw

Friday July 10, 1992

Time to stay home and get ready for Don Pedro. Gary and Maria have the day off again. I shop for groceries and bake and make potato salad. Justin goes to the valley with Frank to pick up the boat with its new bimini cover. Afterward, they shop and show up at Jim Willis' retirement party.

At home Frank shows Justin how to use the sabre saw. Justin keeps busy making cut-outs and painting them. He really likes that. This activity takes him well into the evening. We have tacos for dinner.

I have been blessed with yet another wonderful day of high energy though my muscles are aching from walking yesterday. Thank you Lord!

While Mom is busy cooking and packing for their camping trip to Lake Don Pedro, Frank makes it his mission to entertain Justin by teaching how to cut wood with a sabre saw. So cool!

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