Friday, June 8, 2012

July 4 Potluck

Saturday July 4, 1992

Slept in, took it easy all morning. My cold is better, so we pick up some chicken and take it to the 4th of July party at Harold and Joan's. They have a good turnout of 40 plus with lots of good potluck food.

we visit, play games, and dance. After dark we watch the fireworks at Simi High from their front lawn. Then we come home. I'm tired, but it was a great day! Feels so good to feel good!

Wow, that's quite a party with more than 40 people. By being part of the square dancing club, they will always know just about everyone there and are guaranteed to have a good time.

July 4 is one of my favorite holidays. We watch the local fireworks show here in Windsor from our neighborhood on July 3. The fireworks are shot off from the high school or Kaiser Park next door. Then on July 4 we usually see the fireworks set off in Healdsburg 7 miles north of Windsor, and sometimes we even see fireworks a third time on July 5 by driving south to the Marin County Fair, where the fireworks are shot off a barge in the small lake there. Last year we went to Lake Tahoe for the first time to see the fantastic fireworks set off from 3 different barges from the south shore. That show is one of the 5 top displays in the country. Nevada Beach is just 200 yards from our timeshare in south shore, which provides a good viewing spot. We immediately decided we wanted to go again in 2012, but July 4 was already booked up a year in advance. We have been waitlisted for almost a year, so so far there are no cancellations.

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