Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Junior Becomes a Single Skier

Up at 7:15 feeling pretty good. Donna and Bob arrive about 10 a.m. with friends of theirs, Dan and Heather. They have a pontoon boat. I'm in the sun too much greeting them and visiting. I've been so good up until now, staying in the shade. We have a good day, no rain, not much wind.

Gary and Maria fix us a tri-tip roast dinner. It's really good. I don't feel well after dinner. I have pains in my chest. Indigestion? Chest pains in my lungs, right side mostly. We're in bed at 10 p.m. again.

I called Chris and Ric from the marina this morning. Ric answered to say they had a C-section baby last night. He weighed 9 lb 14 oz, 20-1/2 inches long. She went to the hospital yesterday with labor pains but no dilating so they sent her home. Rick said that's enough. Call the doctor and insist on a C-section. He said OK, come on in.

I love this picture that Mom took of Junior, Joe and Justin playing in the mud at the edge of the water! Good sunburn protection!

Donna, Mom's best friend, and Donna's husband Bob live in Pollock Pines, not too far north of Lake Don Pedro, so it was an easy drive for them. They often met us at the lake.

Thank goodness Mom finally got someone to answer the phone at our house! I'm sure she was relieved that Baby Derek had arrived and Mom and baby were healthy and doing well. As I mentioned in this blog earlier, Justin was a C-section baby because his head was too large for my pelvis. His head was 10 cm, my pelvis only 9. My doctor told me he thought this baby was smaller, around 8 pounds and I should be able to have a vaginal birth. Boy was he wrong! Justin was 9 pounds, Derek was 9 lb 14 oz and his head was 12 cm, way too large for my pelvis. I suffered 36 hours of unnecessary labor before finally insisting on a C-section.

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