Monday, June 11, 2012

Good News from Dr. Schwartz

Monday July 6, 1992

We're up and doing wash, etc, so we can leave at 12 p.m. to go to Ward's for parts, then Gledhill to pick up rent and see the new baby. She's so tiny at 4 lbs 12 oz. They only have part of the rent. We meet Laura's mom. The dog Sophie is expecting pups again soon. They will keep them outside this time. Good!

Off from there to see Dr. Schwartz. He does a complete exam. He hurts me pushing and prodding to feel the tumors. My white blood count is up to 4.6. Best in a long time! He says he'll see me in a month. Good!

Frank had taken Justin to the library this morning. He got 4 books. He finished one before we got to the doctor. Justin swims and eats with Maria and boys. We eat out at Acapulco.

Chemotherapy stresses the immune system, thus reducing the white blood cell count. This is probably why Mom had a hard time getting over her summer cold. But now she is feeling better and her numbers reflect that.

Mom instilled in my brother and I a love of reading. She would take us to the library in Panorama City every two weeks to check out 10 books. I have always loved to read, and Justin does too. For two weeks every summer Justin flew down to visit Mom and Frank and she devoted herself to him during those visits. This year looks to be a bit different, as Justin spends a bit more time with my brother Gary and his family. Gary and Maria have two sons just a little bit older than Justin, and they had a great time swimming in Gary's pool. Not much fun to drag Justin along to rental houses and doctor appointments.

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