Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Love The New Boat Shade

Thursday July 16, 1992

Slept in, resting til 7:30 a.m. Not my best morning this week. I have no energy and still have a pain in my chest for some unknown reason, right side under the breast. Maybe I pulled a muscle trying to get back into the boat. The ladder we bought just won't work on our boat. I had a terrible time getting back into the boat out in the deep water.

I love the boat shade. I have no problem riding in the boat during the heat of the day.

Maria and I help Marty and Kathy haul their stuff back to the marina. I call Chris and Justin talks to her about his new baby brother. Chris is feeling some better from her C-section.

Later, we all take a ride to Mocassin Point Marina, Donna, Bob, Heather, Dan, Gary, Maria and kids.

I can't imagine how Mom went 30 years without a shade for their boat. When Ric and I go boating on a hot day, the shade goes up first thing. It keeps us cooler and prevents sunburn. The bimini top probably looked a bit like the one pictured above. Since I wasn't on this trip, I didn't see it myself. Mom always got into the boat by stepping onto the ledge on the outboard motor just above the propeller, grabbing onto the back of the boat, and pulling herself up. She was the only one who did this and every time I would cringe. One slip and her foot would be sliced by the propeller. Everyone else got in by hoisting themselves over the side near the back of the boat, where it was just over a foot from the water. This required good upper body strength, though, something I no longer have, and neither did Mom. The boat that Ric and I use in the summer has a built-in ladder on the back, which makes it much easier to get into the boat, even from land.

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