Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bad Night

Tuesday November 5, 1991

Bad night! Many hot flashes. I haven't had those for several weeks. A funny feeling head to toe, then the heat, head to toe. By then I'm wide awake so a trip to the bathroom. I'm sure I went potty at least 12 times.

Up at the usual time but not feeling very well. Mostly tired. I lay around alot, unable to get back to sleep after breakfast. Finally, I shower and take a ginseng for energy. I start to believe I can make it to Palmdale for Joey's award. We arrive in Palmdale at noon, have lunch at Carl's and go to Phil and Deb's. We all go to see Joey receive a plaque and picture.

We all go for yogurt and over to Paul and Judy's. He have a great visit and all go to Pizza Hut for dinner. We get home about 9:45 and I feel fine.

She doesn't say what the award is for, but Joey always liked music, so perhaps something to do with that. Frank's son Phil and his wife live in Palmdale with their two children Joey and Sarah. His other son Paul also lives in Palmdale with his wife Judy and their two children. Both are now divorced. I have never taken ginseng. It sounds like it worked well for mom. Note to Chris: buy some ginseng.

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