Sunday, July 24, 2011

Frank Is Building a Doll House

Friday November 8, 1991

Last day (#5) of 1 kemo drug.

Better night and I feel better this morning. I do some housework but Frank insists on doing the vacuuming. We're going to San Diego tomorrow and Sunday to visit Dee and Steve. We'll return Monday.

Frank is happy spending lots of time in the garage lately. Mostly working with wood. He's building a doll house for Sara.

Frank humors me and takes me out for tacos for lunch. I spend the afternoon and evening going through mail.

We have leftovers for dinner. At 11 p.m. we are in bed.

OK, so maybe Frank's creation was not quite as elaborate as the dollhouse pictured above, but it's the thought that counts. Sara is his granddaughter, the daughter of his oldest son Philip. I hope she still has that dollhouse. When my son Justin went to visit mom and Frank the next year, Frank helped him build a birdhouse. It wasn't so much about the "thing" that was built, but about the time they spent together making the birdhouse. That is the sort of thing that memories are made of.

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