Monday, July 11, 2011

Is This God's Divine Intervention?

Tuesday, October 29, 1991

We decide to rent Lemona to two Hispanic couples with one baby. They are young and very nice. Their credit is OK. We are negotiating when they will move in. They must move on November 20. We are telling everyone who calls "the house is rented".

My incision hole is suddenly much smaller. My incision still feels like it is pulling and is uncomfortable late in the day. Lying down relieves it.

We had a great lunch at a new BBQ place called Mavericks. We are trying to eat no sugar this week. Not an easy task!

In the evening the phone rings and when Franks says it is rented I say "Take their number!" He hands me the phone and it turns out to be Laura Persons, Gary and Maria's friend. Laura grew up 4 doors down on Lemona. Maria knows her from work. Laura works downtown. We decide to show her the house tomorrow night. Is this God's divine intervention?

Wow, after all those months with the house sitting empty, Mom and Frank must have been desperate to rent it. What was it that made mom say "take their number"? Was God tapping her on the shoulder? What are the chances that someone would call on their ad who lived in our neighborhood back in the 60s? Laura and her brother Tom were good friends with my brother Gary. Can't wait to see if this works out! Remember, I am reading this for the first time too.

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