Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Off To San Diego

Saturday November 9, 1991

Best night this week. Only 4 hot flashes last night. I feel really good this morning. I'm awake at 6:45 and ready to rise and shine. By 9 a.m. we're packed and ready to go to San Diego. The traffic around Los Angeles is "stop and go". Awful! But we finally do arrive about 2 p.m. We stopped for a nice lunch at Marie Callendar's in Capistrano.

The kids are glad to see us. We get the grand tour of their new house. It's really a neat little house. We will sleep in the trundle bed in what will be the baby's room someday.

We go to Old Town for dinner but all the restaurants have long waits. We end up at Acapulco where the kids don't care for their dinners. Steve buys dinner.

At home we eat the key lime pie we brought from Marie Callendar's. I call and talk to Yvonne but it's hard. She's doing customers' nails while we talk.

Wow, 5 hours to travel 160 miles from Simi Valley to San Diego, and this is on a Saturday, when traffic should be much lighter! Several years ago, when our two teenage boys were very young, we took them to Legoland which is in Carlsbad, north of San Diego, and I remember the traffic coming north to Simi Valley through the Los Angeles basin, including the Long Beach area. It was 8 lanes of traffic on Interstate 5, all crawling along at 5 mph. We have not been back since. The horrendous traffic is one of the many reasons I left Southern California after graduating from college in 1974.

I remember mom talking about how small Dolores and Steve's house was in San Diego, where prices were so expensive for housing. Dolores is Frank's daughter, who went to college at San Diego State, met her husband there, and stayed in the area after graduating with a teaching degree.

I am so touched that Mom called Yvonne who lived in San Diego (and perhaps still does?) Yvonne was my brother's girlfriend 35 years ago. That's one thing I admire about mom. Once a friend, always a friend.

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