Saturday, July 30, 2011


Wednesday November 13, 1991

Still sleeping very well. I seem to have had no side effects from my kemo yesterday.

I have my nails done. I really like my new manicurist. She's about 22, Caucasian, and very chatty. Such a refreshing change from the past 6 years. My old manicurist was Vietnamese and we never talked. We had nothing in common. She charged $5 less but I finally decided money wasn't that important.

We go to Newbury Park for the squre dance clinic. We do really well and have lots of fun. Afterward we go to Hungry Hunter for dinner with Larry and Bernice. We really enjoy each other.

Throughout Mom's journal I have noticed that money seems to be no object. Here she says that she has been getting manicures for 6 years and that the extra money spent is unimportant. Is she getting a manicure every week, every month? That's alot of money. I have never had a manicure or pedicure in my life. When they go on vacation, they take expensive excursions, go out for meals frequently, and when they go square dancing, they go out to dinner afterwards with their friends almost every time. They also frequently go out to breakfast, lunch or dinner at nice restaurants.

Although my family does go on vacations, it is mostly on camping trips, stays at inexpensive motels, or using our timeshares, which we pay for whether we use them or not. When we were in Utah last month, we spent just $40 on our motel room. I think that's a record for our cheapest nightly stay. My husband wanted to stay next door in Green River at the $32/night motel, but that place made my skin crawl and my stomach revolt. I have limits!

Annual dues paid for our timeshares make our nightly stays in a 2 bedroom condo come out to be anywhere from $50-$100 per night, depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend, and the location and season. When we are staying in a condo, we buy groceries at Costco and prepare meals in the unit, and pack lunches in an ice chest. When we do eat out, whether on vacation or at home, it's only if we have a 2-for-1 coupon, or if we're going to Wendy's for $1.29 chili. Also, since gas is currently almost $4/gallon, Ric goes on-line before we leave for our trip to see which gas station has the cheapest gas.

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