Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First New Kemo

Monday November 4, 1991

Up early fixing a great breakfast for Jen and Ron. They leave about 8 a.m. By the time we leave for Kaiser about 11:30 I'm feeling nauseated and tired. Maybe the greasy breakfast? We stop for a yogurt. It makes me feel better.

I am nervous about my new kemo. Fear of the unknown. We arrive at 12:45 and leave about 3 p.m. First the blood tests, then the kemo drug is given in the vein with a syringe. It takes about 10 minutes. She gives me a pill to swallow first to ward off nausea. My old kemo took an hour or more. I have to wait an hour to see Dr. Bix.

I feel fine the rest of the day except I'm tired. We dress and go square dancing but I can't stay. I go home to bed. Kathy brings Frank home.

Wow, do you think that was a bit overly optimistic to plan to go square dancing the same day she was given toxic chemicals in the vein? There is a fine line between being the eternal optimist and allowing for down time.

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