Thursday, July 14, 2011

Driving for the First Time

Sunday November 3, 1991

Frank is off to Lemona one last time. He'll paint 2 more bedrooms. He wouldn't do it for anyone but Laura. She's so sweet. Makes us want to do more to make the house more perfect than it already is.

Jennifer and Ron are coming today to spend the night. They are delivering a CHP trailer to Riverside tomorrow. I must straighten the house up some.

I probably overdid it cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, etc. I go marketing alone. Big Deal: driving for the first time.

We fix pot roast. Jennifer and Ron arrive about 9 p.m. We have a nice visit and go to bed late. I'm feeling fine but tired.

Jennifer is the youngest daughter of Mom's best friend Donna. She lives near Placerville in Northern California so had a long drive to get to Riverside in Southern California.

It is kind of a big deal to drive by herself for the first time. Having a sense of power and independence is important.

As for Frank wanting to paint two bedrooms to please their new tenant, I can totally relate. I held several different jobs during my 33 year career with Pacific Gas & Electric, but the one I held for the last 12 was the best one by far, not because I made any more money or had better benefits, because I did not. It was because the group of 13 guys I worked with made me feel appreciated, and I wanted to do my best for them. My boss Pat was easy-going and friendly, and made me feel like his equal, not just a lowly payroll clerk. Above all, he appreciated me. I had the opportunity to take other jobs that paid more money, but I turned them down. Even though I retired 4 years ago, Pat still takes me out for a birthday lunch every April and invites me to their Christmas breakfast.

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