Saturday, July 30, 2011

Second New Kemo

Tuesday November 12, 1991

Up at 7 a.m. to go out to breakfast early at Eggs & Things. By 11 a.m. we are at Kaiser for my second kemo with the new drug. All goes well except I have my blood drawn and immediately go to the restroom. For a second I let my arm down and blood shoots everywhere, all over my bare thighs, panties and arm. It takes awhile to clean up. The nurse trying to find a vein to give my drugs into kids me saying "Dolores, you left your veins at home!" I laugh. They always have a hard time finding a vein and getting a needle into it.

Afterward, we go out to lunch (about 2 pm) and do some shopping. It's good to get home to rest.

We'll eat light tonight.

Oh my God! How awful! Why is blood shooting everywhere? Is it because she has been stabbed so many times in the vein that it has become slack? What a scary experience.

I have the same problem with the nurses not being able to find my veins, whether it's for a blood draw or an IV. However, I don't laugh when they stab me over and over trying to find a vein. It hurts! Especially when they move the needle around after it's penetrated the skin. I can remember times when it took 3 different nurses taking a stab at me until they finally found a vein.

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