Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where's the Trick-Or-Treaters?

Thursday October 31, 1991

Frank lets me sleep in a bit. I'm up in time to call credit check on Laura's application and be ready to go shopping when Kathy Murphy arrives. Frank is going to lunch in the valley with someone he used to work with. Kathy and I are off to Country Rainbow to buy her some square dance clothes. We have a great time. Everything looks good on Kathy. She buys 3 outfits. We have lunch at Jesse Cates. It's really good.

Back home about 4 p.m. I am tired. Laying down awhile really helps.

We call Dolores & Steve to say we can't make it for their Open House party in San Diego this Saturday, but would love to come another weekend. They'll let us know when.

Only 10 kids come for trick-or-treat.

Dolores is Frank's daughter in San Diego. She is a teacher there and her husband Steve is an architect. Housing prices are very expensive where they live, but they finally saved enough to buy a very modest home to raise a family.

10 kids for Halloween? In our neighborhood we always run out of candy no matter how much we buy. We have hundreds of kids, including many who come from other neighborhoods. Our neighborhood is safe and well-lit with houses close together so the kids can quickly fill their pillowcases with candy. It is also a neighborhood that goes all out with decorations on the houses, both for Halloween and for Christmas. On July 3 every year several streets into the neighborhood are closed off after 5:00 because the streets are jammed with cars around the park in the center of our subdivision. Many of the streets have neighborhood barbecues and block parties and everyone gathers in the park or their front yard to see the fireworks display from the high school next door. It's a great place to raise a family.

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