Friday, July 1, 2011

Gary's Birthday

Saturday October 26, 1991

Gary's Birthday.

Tried to call Gary but I guess they went camping. I hope it's not raining there like it is here.

We spend 12-5 at Lemona Open House. Some interested, but not what we're looking for. I guess we'll decide from what we do have next week. We are very tired of spending our weekends at Lemona. It rains all day. We go by Gary's on the way home. No one there.

In Simi we go to dinner at the Sizzler and eat alot. The diet must start Monday. We pick up a movie "King Ralph". At home I am whipped. I last til 9 and cannot stay awake.

My incision feels strained all the time. It feels weak and my hole is not getting smaller, or so it seems. I still don't know when chemo will start.

Yikes, still trying to rent the Lemona house! It has been empty for months and months. They are losing so much money with it sitting vacant, as well as their time spent showing it. Time to pick a tenant. It was a good neighborhood with many young families when we moved in in 1954 (I was 1), but 40 years later, the neighborhood is older and less desirable, and I would imagine less owner-occupied homes. My brother Gary is 35 years old this day. The photo above was taken June 21, 2011 at Justin's wedding, almost 20 years later.

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