Wednesday, July 27, 2011

La Jolla

Sunday November 10, 1991

Slept so well! No hot flashes last night! Wonderful! I wake up feeling great! Dolores makes us turkey bacon and egg toast. We enjoy!

We take a walk and later drive to La Jolla. Steve gives us the "nickel tour" of his architectural firm. In town we stroll the streets and down to the beach. It's mostly cliffs and rocks. There were some swimmers. Sunny day, water 62 degrees.

We stop at an estate sale and Frank buys Steve a book on house repairs. Later we drive to Mission Beach and we buy lunch at a nice restaurant. We walk on the beach. We go for a drive and arrive home about 5 p.m. Dolores fixes us a nice dinner. I am tired. This was quite a day of walking for me. Surgery was 5 weeks ago. I did well today. Some strange pains, not bad.

Well, I had never heard of the term nickel tour, so looked it up and it means to show you around the place quickly. Must have been a saying from mom's generation. La Jolla is a beautiful town north of San Diego. Dolores and Steve actually moved there several years later and paid lots of money for a tiny fixer-upper. So I guess the book Frank bought this day might have come in handy for later.

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