Friday, July 1, 2011


Sunday October 27, 1991

I slept 10 hours very soundly. Up and ready for another day at Lemona. Interesting groups looking at the house. We decide we will pick someone from the applications we have.

I'm feeling pretty good. I lay down on the floor for a half hour to rest the pull on my incision. Other than that I'm operating pretty normal.

I prayed alot this morning, asking God to heal my incision hole and my incision in general. I also asked God to send us someone we could feel comfy with renting to today. And of course I asked him to dissolve my cancers and heal me.

Most of us pray for our health and our families health and happiness. Those are God's departments, mostly out of our control. I am touched though that mom asked God to bring them a good tenant. Mom and Frank had 4 rental houses; Ric and I have 9, so I can really relate to her rental woes. Sometimes I think being a landlord is "my job" not God's, but the truth is God is in charge of everything. I often pray for my tenants finances so they can pay their rent, and for God to bring us a good tenant when a house is vacant. I'm glad to know mom did too.

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