Thursday, July 14, 2011

Square Dancing Is My Life

Saturday November 2, 1991

I awake full of energy! It's a great day.

We meet Laura and Terry at 10:30 a.m. His 11 year-old son Chris is with them. He will also live there. Laura's son is also 11 and Megan is 2 months. It's a pretty day! We show them everything they need to know. We sign the lease. They will pay from November 15, but we give them the keys to move in sooner if they wish. I take Laura over to meet again Hal and Eric Larson. Joan is not there. Eric remembers her. She invites him over after they move in. Laura hands me a note I read later. It is sweet, saying how much it means to them to get the house and how nice we are. Frank does the last yard work.

I'm back! Square dancing is my life! I dance almost every dance tonight. I really have fun with all my friends. My incision feels fine and so do I. It's almost 4 weeks since surgery.

Mom sure is excited to be alive today. So many exclamation points! She must be feeling good. To have all her energy back 4 weeks after major surgery is a testament to her love for life. She is excited to finally have a tenant, and especially to have a tenant who really appreciates the house. Feeling appreciated is so important, and since mom has reservations about their ability to pay the rent, I'm sure Laura's note really helped reassure her.

Also, being back in the "swing" of things at her square dancing club has really lifted her spirits. Her friends there are very important, and the dancing is her passion. She is apparently not thinking at all about her upcoming chemotherapy two days later. Very inspiring! Our thoughts affect our emotions which affect our physical health. What an amazing woman!

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