Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Desert Hot Springs, CA

Tuesday August 4, 1992

We have another huge breakfast. No lunch needed again today. We're on our way about 10 a.m. across the nothing-to-see desert. We arrive at Mother's at 1 p.m. She seems to be doing fine. No worse than May. The house could stand a good cleaning. She needs to hire someone for that. She isn't able. We stay til 4 p.m. and then start home, stopping at the outlet to shop some. By 8:30 we are home. Home Sweet Home! It's always good to get home! Smokey and the dogs are sooo glad to see us.

Thank you, Lord, for seeing us safely through our journey. And thank you for allowing me to feel so good.

Grandma Helen lived in a very simple single mobile home in a park in Desert Hot Springs, California, very similar to the one pictured above. She lived there for many years with her husband Al Richardson after selling the home in Pacoima where they had lived their entire marriage and where my mother grew up with Grandma Helen and Grandpa Jerry. Grandpa Jerry died in 1954 of lung cancer. Grandpa Al died in his sleep in 1986. Grandma outlived both husbands and her daughter by several years, but her health deteriorated as she reached her mid-80s. She enjoyed being independent and having her own home to do as she pleased. She enjoyed being able to drive herself around. She lived very simply on her social security check. Once she was unable to take care of herself and started having health problems, my Uncle Gene and Aunt Cathy put her in an assisted living home situation. Grandma Helen hated losing her independence. She passed away at the ripe old age of 89, still young compared to her mother, my Great-Grandmother Johnson who lived to 101.

I love the way Mom thanks the Lord for seeing them safely home and for giving her good health during their journey. I have talked to other people who have experienced a life-threatening illness and it was told it made them appreciate their blessings all the more, not knowing how much time they had left.

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