Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Fighting Cancer"

Sunday August 23, 1992

Slept in til 8:30. Spent the rest of the day expecting Deb, Phil and kids. I straightened the house and read alot. Frank worked on the trailer and in the garage.

I'm reading a new book I received in the mail called "Fighting Cancer." It's a good uplifting informative book. According to the book I've been doing everything right so far, staying informed, asking alot of questions, getting a second opinion, but mostly having a positive attitude and talking about my cancer openly with anyone who's interested.

The kids never show up. Frank is disappointed and hurt. He calls them.

We went to Newbury Park at 8:30 to give Jan a check for our cruise September 27 to the Mediterranean.

I can't help wondering why Frank's son Philip and his family never showed up. I would be upset at being stood up after waiting all day for them. Maybe it had to do with the marital problems they were having. At least it forced Mom to take it easy and just have a restful day of reading.

I looked up the book "Fighting Cancer" and it is in it's 13th printing as of 2008. It was written by Annette and Richard (Dick) Bloch. Dick co-founded H&R Block, Inc. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1978 and given 90 days to live. After two years of arduous treatment, he was completely cured. Richard and Annette dedicated their lives to helping the next person diagnosed with cancer. Together, they wrote three books, "Fighting Cancer", "Cancer ...there's hope", and "Guide for Cancer Supporters". Their book is available for free on-line.

Yet another big cruise coming up, this time to the Mediterranean.

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