Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moving Clothes

Tuesday August 11, 1992

Busy day moving clothes around in closets. I have so many clothes I can't wear. I wear size 18 now. I shift all the size 16 to the guest closet and pull out all the 14 sizes to box up. I don't want them to get too far away. I'm sure I'll be that size again. If my cancer does get the best of me I will lose weight. If I get well I will do my best to get back to size 14 or 12.

Gary and Maria come by in the evening to return the tables and chairs they borrowed for their housewarming party.

Those size 14 clothes never left the boxes. They were donated to Goodwill. I took the 25 boxes of size 16 and size 18 clothes after she died when Frank and I cleaned out her 4 huge closets full of clothes. I have worn the size 18 clothes for the past 7 years, but the size 16 clothes are still waiting for me to lose 20 pounds. Her shoes were all too small for me, a size 8, so they went to Goodwill. She also left me 6 jewelry boxes full of costume jewelry.

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