Monday, July 2, 2012

Branding Iron BBQ

Thursday July 30, 1992

Slept in. Frank takes his usual 4 mile walk while I get ready. We eat our leftovers for lunch, then take off for a drive to Wolf Creek Ski Area. We take a dirt road to the top of a mountain to an overlook. We are sooo high! There is snow there.

We stop at a beautiful waterfall. We hike 1/4 mile up to get a closer look. I have to stop and rest a couple of times but I don't feel too bad.

We go home, change clothes and go to dinner at The Branding Iron. We have BBQ ribs and a beef sandwich and top that off with ice cream pie. We come home and watch the movie we rented "Paradise."

Wolf Creek Ski Area is a ski area in southwest Colorado, located on the Wolf Creek Pass between Pagosa Springs and South Fork. It is best known for receiving more average annual snowfall than any other resort in Colorado, about 465 inches per year. Ric and I drove by it last year, but didn't stop. Now I wish we had stopped and found that dirt road.

I am so impressed that even when on vacation, Frank starts his day by walking 4 miles. Good job Frank!

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