Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Really Appreciate Our Family

Thursday August 13, 1992

Get ready day. Marketing, packing the trailer, baking cookies and partially preparing the casserole to take for Saturday night potluck. Luckily, I'm feeling good because it's a busy day. Of course I always find a few minutes to rest my back. It's not bothering me quite as much.

Called all the family members but none home. Talked to Mother and Myra in the evening. I really appreciate our family and how well they all get along. We are so lucky. I hope nothing ever spoils that, like inheritance. Myra's kids and Dave's kids have so many problems. I'm on the phone all evening.

When Mom passed away, I did worry that my brother and I might have "issues" over our inheritance. Mom was a very wise woman and left her 3 rental houses to both of us equally, which is only fair. However, Gary was the one who had to deal with all the repairs on the houses. Frank stepped down as trustee of her estate, which was probably a wise decision so as not to alienate either Gary or I. It took over a year to get those houses fixed up and then sold. I felt guilty that we were so far away and unable to help Gary with the houses. He's a good and kind brother and very easy-going, so it all worked out. Gary, if you are reading this, thanks for calling me last night. It's been far too long. I am LUCKY to have you for my brother.

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